Teaching Methodology

“You read, you forget; You see, you remember ; You experiment, you understand” is the basic methodology adopted by NBM MODEL SCHOOL  for teaching.    

Classroom is equipped with digital smart class Equipment for audio-visual teaching. Through innovative and experimental teaching methods, we make the learning process extremely enjoyable.

Every child is born with unique gift of knowledge. Discovering knowledge is the province of every human being. We believe in leaving ideologies behind and seeing each student as an individual who has multiple ideas to share. We provide a structured situation in which students can discover how to articulate their ideas, both verbally and artistically.


  • Our teaching methodology is a combination of modern teaching methods and basic concepts of traditional values. Each classroom has its own learning culture encouraging creative and application-based learning.
  • The Transition period from Play-group  to Primary is very challenging for a child. To ease this process we have included Class I and Class II  Pre-Primary Program, where a child can make use of his Pre-Primary  skills in Primary classes. This ensures each student in Early Year Program instills a habit of learning the basic concepts of each subject.
  • Young minds are easily impressionable which is why we intend to make them comfortable in stepping out of their comfort zones to learn and prosper.


·    Our curriculum consists of application based learning methods, all basic concepts are cleared. Each subject, be it Maths, Science, Social Studies, or even additional subjects like Computer Sciences are catered to, with a basic concept of learning by doing.

·    Our teachers make use of various creative methods and activities to display what we usually learn in the form of textbooks. Even our textbooks include illustrative content for visual understanding. We have incorporated various Kits such as Science Kits, Math Kits, EVS Kits etc. to allow our students to understand the working of each topic thoroughly.

·    What a child learns in his/her primary years is never forgotten if taught well, and that is what we emphasize on.


·    It matters a great deal as to how the most basic of concepts are being taught, especially when we take into consideration the most typical of subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics. To eliminate the fear and to bring out the best of a child’s performance, teaching methodology plays a big role. Students studying in secondary classes require absolute clarity of each concept.


·    Our hands-on learning approach allow each child to have a clear conceptual understanding of logic behind every formula, every practical or every application learned is well engraved in the minds of these little geniuses.