We’re thrilled to announce that our school has achieved affiliation from CBSE! affiliation Number- 2430394


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Narahari Biswas Memorial Model School (NBM MODEL SCHOOL ) is an English Medium Co– educational institution which is  Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi. The school is managed by Narahari Biswas Memorial Foundation, a charitable, non- profitable organization consisting of professionals. The school aims to provide the best quality education based on modern pedagogy and technology under the guidance of well trained educators. 

Our Specialization

CBSE Affiliated

Affiliated to CBSE , Affiliation No. 2430394

Online Tutorials

Here in NBMMS we have digitalized education in all forms. Keeping in mind the demand of this area, we offer online tutorials.

Free WiFi Zone

Free Wifi zone helps the teachers and the students to get the maximum access to internet for gaining knowledge which is free and accessible

Digital Smart Class Room

Though traditional classroom teaching is not replaceable, yet digital classroom is undeniable at this modern age. Besides audio-visual learning is very effective and it helps the students to grasp the essence of any subject easily

Equipped Library

A number of story books can be accessed to learn and to explore. We have a good collection of reference books for the advanced learners to get prepared for competitive exams

Day Boarding Facility

Day boarding helps us to shape a student as we desire, thereby making him/her a complete person once the board exams are over. The day boarding facility helps them to learn music and sports which are essential components of education.

Hot Lunch Facility

Proper food at proper times is an essential aspect in the life of every student. Fast food and junk food are equally unhealthy and harmful. It has been observed that most of the children are not particular about food.

Children Park

A beautiful place to sit under the mango trees and to relax, to rest and to dream…under the supervision of the mother teachers and the helping staff the preprimary children make full use of this small and beautiful corner.

Quality Accomodation

Accommodation needs to be the perfect balance between a study and living environment. When selecting a day-boarding school, parents will want to know their child will be getting the best out of the experience in terms of the academic and social aspects that boarding offers. At NBMMS we provide this type of accommodation.

Specialized Computer Lab

At the present time no school is complete without computer lab. Knowledge of computer is indispensible. To learn computer a specialized lab is needed. In our school we have a highly specialized computer lab which provides our students with opportunities to explore the world of information-technology.

Special Tutorial Class

We form small groups of two or three students where we can blend ‘the basics’ with more specialized instruction. There are both pre-school and post-school classes for the benefit of the students. These are paid services which are not mandatory for the students

Hygienic Wash Room

Keeping in mind the safety of our students in the first priority our wash rooms are hygienic and are safe.

Purified Drinking Water

We encourage our student to drink more water as health is a top priority in our school. We have a water purifier plant in our school which is a sufficient source of pure drinking water.

CCTV Survaillance

It ensures protection and security. Almost 48 cameras constantly watch each and every minute details throughout the campus

Equipped Science Lab

Good schools combine classroom teaching with laboratory experiments to ensure that their students grasp each and every concept thoroughly. It is also a fact that laboratory teaching and experiments that are being conducted here help encourage deep understanding in children.

Mobile App Facility

With the help of our School App our parents are timely updated about school activities, educational apps save a lot of their time. As a whole, the package is very beneficial.

Language Training Programme

Specialized language lab helps our students to learn English in a proper way. They learn to pronounce each and every word correctly and they communicate effectively

Equipped Play Room

This keeps our children always happy! During peak summer and monsoon when it becomes impossible to play in the fields, our play room offers a wonderful alternative


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