Nowadays, one of the main concerns of parents regarding their children is to find good coaching facilities after school and search for activity centers for extracurricular development of their children. At NBMMS, after the regular school hours, additional coaching cum remedial classes (for a batch of not more than 10 students) will be offered for those who opt for it. Besides, a range of extracurricular activities like sports, music, dancing, martial arts, fine arts etc. would also be there for the students to choose from, according to their choice. These students shall leave the school in the evening, few hours after the regular school hours get over. They will be provided with breakfast, mid-morning snacks and lunch like the day boarders. Additionally, these students will also be provided with late afternoon snack and evening tiffin at school before they leave for their home in the evening, after attending coaching cum remedial classes and extracurricular activities.

Facilities Provided to the Day Boarders

1. Refreshment after the school gets over at 2:30 P.M.

2. Rest in AC Dormitories, Washing and Changing.

3. Games under the supervision of trained and efficient Games Teachers

4. Evening meal before study time.

5. Evening study under the supervision of Warden and tutors.